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WST 3D Ring Thumbnails Joomla Component



WST 3D Ring Thumbnails is a free flash based Joomla Component.

Drag and drop anywhere to rotate the ring, double-click on stage to toggle fullscreen. 

Configuration is simple and straightforward. Just follow the steps described below.


Installation and Configuration:


WST 3D Ring Thumbnails Joomla Component installs like any other Joomla component.

1. Navigate to Extensions --> Extension Manager

2. Under the Upload Package File, select component installation file and click Upload & Install

Configuration - Upload Images:

1. Navigate to Components --> WST 3D Ring Thumbnails
WST_3D_Ring_Thumbnails component

2. Click on Upload button (top right)

WST 3D Ring Thumbnails upload

3. Click on Upload Image tab, Choose image file and click to Upload (top right)

Configuration - Add Images:

1. Navigate to Components --> WST 3D Ring Thumbnails

2. Click on New button (top right)

WST 3D Ring Thumbnails new

3. Select Image from right (Uploaded images) - click to select.

4. Enter Tooltip, Description, Order and Publishing

5. Click on Save (top right) 

Configuration - Display

On this page you can setup various options in order to adjust WST 3D Ring Thumbnails to your website design. 

1. Navigate to Components --> WST 3D Ring Thumbnails

2. Click on Config button (top right)

WST 3D Ring Thumbnails config


  • Width or Height (depends if the image is landscape or portrait) must be maximum this value
  • Ring radius (Space between thumbnails)
  • Zoom level on load from 1 to 10
  • Thumbnail Width
  • Thumbnail Height
  • Thumbnail alpha on mouse over
  • Photo (big image) border size
  • Photo (big image) border color
  • Description background color
  • Description background alpha


Limitations and known issues:

  • Image Width or Height (depends if the image is in landscape or portrait mode) must be maximum of Wst Carousel Thumbnails Width value (Configuration - Display)
  • If you get "Loading XML" without loading progress when you publish this component for the first time:
      1. Navigate to Components --> WST 3D Ring Thumbnails
      2. Select all images, Unpublish them all and then Publish them back
      3. Refresh (CTRL+F5) component front-page

Download and Demo:

Download: WST 3D Ring


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