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Web Design

Basic SEO Management For a Blog

You don't feel like paying a lot of money for the services of an SEO consultant or for one of the automated tools/plugins that would do the work for you? Well, you can do some of the things yourself, things that are easy to do but will make your blog a lot more discoverable.

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8 Good Looking Hand-Drawn Web-Designs

lucuma com ar

It is a common thing to have a design started by hand and paper. If you have the talent to draw, there is no reason why you shouldn’t exploit that talent and use it for a web-design business.

In most cases, just the basic sketches are done by hand, and the rest of the design process is done on the computer using different software.
However, I have come across some web-sites where most of the design process (or all of it) is done by hand. Check them out to see what people have done and try and look for various ways to use their ideas as inspiration for your own project.

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15 Cool Web Design Apps That You Really Need To Try Out


When it comes to web design, there are apps that can help you manage your daily life routines, create colors for use in sites, or virtually do anything in daily life.

However, of all these apps, there are some web design apps that do really stand out, and i mean apps that are really cool, and if you are looking to experience the other side of web design; then you really ought to make sure that you try out these really cool apps. Most of them are mobile based, but that is not such a bad thing considering the fact that the world is moving toward mobile technology at break neck speeds.

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IPhone Web Design Apps Making the Rounds Today


Today, there has been a huge leap in the advent of mobile technology, and more people than ever are using mobile devices.

So, if you are a web designer, then you should be using web design apps for mobile devices, so that designing can be made easier.
Therefore, if you have an iPhone, there are some web design apps that you ought to know about, and they are great and simple to use.

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