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15 Cool Web Design Apps That You Really Need To Try Out


When it comes to web design, there are apps that can help you manage your daily life routines, create colors for use in sites, or virtually do anything in daily life.
However, of all these apps, there are some web design apps that do really stand out, and i mean apps that are really cool, and if you are looking to experience the other side of web design; then you really ought to make sure that you try out these really cool apps.

Most of them are mobile based, but that is not such a bad thing considering the fact that the world is moving toward mobile technology at break neck speeds.


1. 5 Minutes


This app is really cool and can ensure that a web designer makes a fully functioning site in less than five minutes.


2. Text Expander



3. DigMyData



4. TeamViewer


If you are a web designer, it is important that you are able to help clients wherever they may be, and this cool app lets you control another computer from any location. In addition, if you have a team of designers, you can create meetings easily, and chart the way forward for your design team. 


5. OmniFocus for iPhone


Task management can be a bit hard, especially if you are involved in so many things. Omnifocus is an iPhone program that is meant to make task management easy. You can also be able to arrange tasks easily, and in a quick manner. 


6. Harvest


Harvest is another cool app, and is great for freelance web designers because it offers online tracking, as well as timesheet software. It is a great app, if you are often on the move, and never seem to have enough time to dedicate to all your projects. 


7.  LiveView


Mobile devices are taking over the world, and that is why designers are creating projects that match this need. Livewire is a cool app since it gives the designer a view of what a project will look like on a mobile device once completed. Talk about taking a look at the future!


8. Penultimate


If you are a web designer, then you know the importance of scribbling down ideas, sketches and even notes. That is why this app is really cool since it offers you the chance to scribble down ideas, and even share them with other designers. 


9. Sketchshare


This is another sketching app from iPad, and it comes with a new twist since it offers real time sketching ability with other users. So, in case you are talking to another designer, and things are not getting through, you can simply sketch the idea through. Cool huh!


10. Launchlist


This is a cool web designer app that offers designers a chance to check out their work before making it live. It is a great tool at making sure that there are no errors or unwanted surprises on any projects undertaken.


11. Wunderlist


If you often get distracted easily, then this app is one to keep you on track. This app offers a sleek interface, and you can be able to create lists of things to do. The fact that it can work on mobile devices means that you can always be organized.


12. Byword


Designers do not usually write a lot, but if you do write, then byword is the app to do help you. This app lets you write clean uncluttered posts, and also offers synchronization on iPhone, Mac, and iPad.


13. Remember the Milk


This is a cool app that lets you create lists quickly so that you do not forget them. You can also be able to sync up easily, with other devices. If you forget things easily, then this is an app that you need to get. 


14. CliqCliq Colours


This is an app that ensures that you are able to change colors easily on projects, and you can also be able to find colors to match your projects. This app also lets you choose colors from images. 


15. Photobucket


Designers who often use photos in their projects, will love this cool app. Photobucket allows designers to access photos from albums easily. You can also choose colors from photos so that you can use them for various projects. 


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