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8 Good Looking Hand-Drawn Web-Designs


It is a common thing to have a design started by hand and paper. If you have the talent to draw, there is no reason why you shouldn’t exploit that talent and use it for a web-design business. In most cases, just the basic sketches are done by hand, and the rest of the design process is done on the computer using different software.

However, I have come across some web-sites where most of the design process (or all of it) is done by hand. Check them out to see what people have done and try and look for various ways to use their ideas as inspiration for your own project.

This is perfect example of how a black and white drawing can be incorporated into a web-site project. The developers of this site have introduced several layers and while you move the mouse over the drawings a certain cartoonish animation present. Follow the link to see exactly what I mean.


boompa ca

Boompa’s background image is shows how good can an aquarelle can look on a web-page. This sort of picture can only be done by hand. Of course you can try and paint it in any image drawing and editing software, but it will never look as good as a hand painted one.


bootb com en

This web-site shows how an easy and childlike drawing can be used for creating a very impressive looking web-project. Have look at it in order to see and study it better. This is an easy to draw and very effective design idea.


lucuma com ar

This is a portfolio web-site. It displays a more complex type of hand drawn art. I have chosen this example to show how a real artistic piece of work can be used on a web-site with style and elegance. In the picture above, you can only the far left side of the entire picture. Give Lacuma a look and explore it a bit to see what I mean.

It Looks Good

www itlooksgood com oldsite

This is a very simple but very good looking web-site. It proves that simple drawings and 3 colors are all you need for an impressive design. Actually, it is not important to know whether the drawings were done by hand or not (I think that they are), because it is extremely easy to draw this kinds of drawings wherever it is possible. The tricky part is what you do with them. Follow the link to see just “how good it looks”.

Teresa’s Kids

www teresawalsh com

Teresa Walsh is a very good watercolor artist and it is only natural that she will use her own art on her web-site. It is very colorful and vivid and you can examine it for all sorts of creative ideas. Although this site is dedicated to kids, the web-designer should look beyond that and look for more technical things.

Cartoon Network

www cartoonnetwork com

Although most cartoons on Cartoon Network are probably not done entirely by hand, this web site provides examples of various drawing techniques, and it has simple but effective and very attractive cartoon figures. A web-designer can get his or her creative juices flowing in various directions, and he or she can end up having a very good hand drawing to use for a web-site. Furthermore, Cartoon Network’s web site is a very good one in many perspectives. One can also use it as an example of what to do in order to have a well-functioning web-page.


This is a logo for a web-design company. They use simple drawings in their works, and you should check them to see very creative ideas. The picture below is one of their project:

www studioimg com

It cannot be any simpler. Look at a world map; use various color markers very childlike and try and copy the world map, and there you have it, a web-site background.


I believe that all the examples presented above prove the fact that a hand drawn design can look very good when properly used on a web-site. You can also go out on the limb and design everything there is to design on a piece of paper. This can be a very exhausting job, but the result can be a very attractive web-design all in all. You should definitely take this idea into consideration.


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